lundi 30 avril 2012

Lex-Icon Blog Project Post 42 : Yuko Otomo

Voyelles #5 “O”

“This particular piece: Voyelles #5 ‘O’ is the last segment of the series: Voyelles #1-5 (for Rimbaud). This collage series was created inspired by one of his most beloved poems Voyelles & is dedicated to him naturally. In the series, I wanted to dive into the least narrative & literal format to deliver the essence of his work. Panels of color plates, a visual stimulation in silence, symbolize the content of his writing. 2 alphabets on top & bottom of each color panel signify the written form of the sound of vowels of the 2 languages I use (Japanese, my mother tongue & English, the adapted second language). The series is also a game piece to invoke a challenge against the hierarchical system of language in our society. In this case, unless you know how to read Japanese, you’ll be left alone with 50% of the cognition. The Japanese alphabet will remain as a mere visual element with no literal content. So, the perceiving effects will vary according to the perceiver’s conditions.” -- Yuko Otomo  

Yuko Otomo draws/paints & writes (poetry, haiku, art criticism & essays). Born in Japan she now considers herself a New Yorker. Her publications include: The Hand of The Poet (Ugly Duckling Presse), Small Poems (also UDP), Garden (Beehive Press), PINK (Sisyphus Press) & others. She has read her work in venues such as Poetry Project at St. Mark’s, Poets House, PS1, Queens Museum, NYU, SVA, CUNY Graduate Ctr, The Living Theatre, Bowery Poetry Club, Tribes Gallery, Issue Project Room, The Stone & others in NYC; Shakespeare & Co., IVY Writer’s reading series, Jazz@Home, Nu*** in Paris; Nagasaki A-Bomb Memorial reading, Tachihara Michizo Memorial reading in Japan. Her collection of Ekprhasis writing “STUDY” is expected to come out in 2013 by Ugly Duckling Presse.  

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