samedi 14 avril 2012

Lex-Icon Blog Project Post 26: Freke Räihä

''[ ...] Subject-matter-object-matter-letter; instant/architectural-insolvement; architextual-repeat-one-one-ought; social-geography-mind-manifest; form as installment-of-forms; symbolism-symballein-of-of of; dis-assembly-re-contrust-re; ucture-icture-pre-relevance-mani; re-answer: This-read-this (only); line-structure-labyrinth-manifest; connect-dis/re/connect-drainage; raised-voice of reason-form as; re-symbolize the manifests; repeat; manifest the structure-the lines; [ ...] L-i-t-e-r-a-l- Only the alphabet/I/zation of; we have no choice but the alphabet; the structure of the alphabet, re-petition; invoke-mute-ceremony-shining; sound-of-noise: of control; degree-degrade///retinal-vaginal; the-non-stopping-rite-of-living; passing; passive; mensuration-dealing; mis/carriage-cartridge-typo-wholly; type-typing: never-the-less-lessing; as/of/now/now; O-n-e; as hyper-glyphic; differ-the social-alphabet/social-ode; construct-the-construction-inter/section; [...]'' -- Freke Räihä

Freke Räihä is a Swedish author and visual artist who writes and creates works in English and his native tongue, Swedish.  See his blogs and also – – a blog in his native tongue. Freke Räihä is defining patterns in search of a consensus understanding of his own array of speech-text-persona. He has published seven printed books of poetry, the latest is Standard Form for Language resentment, 2012, Corrupt Press and some work on-line. He is currently finishing his Master of Arts with a poetry book on nomos in accordance with the post-post and likewise modernist times. He is also writing a book-length poem in his two languages simultaneously. He prefers to blend co-operative work with single handed work-in-progress and enjoys smoking and coffee. For more, see and also, in Swedish,

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