jeudi 5 avril 2012

Lex-Icon Blog Project Post 17: Afton Wilky

    1) Have been thinkingrethinkingthinkingrethinking and listening to the space of the page and the duration of an image within a book.
          a) Having to rethink work I'd thought of as extremely visual for a performance triggered this.  My mouth was not enough to make a visual intersections and static operate within the ear.  The realization that one mouth is not enough--that to read one voice-line of text is not, never really has been, and never really will be enough--
     2) I'm thinking again about Marina Abramovic and an interview-team which followed her while she was preparing a performance and performers to punish the sea.  The action of whipping the water and the distinctions she made between the bodies of the performers with and without the endurance to whip harder as they tired stays with me. It surfaces as another angle of the duration of an image-poem on the page.
    3) words and actions which feel their necessity
            a) cannot help themselves, must
            b) ere themselves 
--Afton Wilky

Afton Wilky is a multi-disciplinary artist--painter, poet; she works with digital media, and is a book artist. Afton's fascination with book-structures has been central in not only her book arts practice, but also in her co-organization of the New Delta Review's first annual chapbook series, where she is also the Poetry Editor.  Afton's work can be found  in The Black Warrior Review and also in BlazeVOX.  It is forthcoming in Rain Taxi. For more on Afton Wilky, see her BLOG at:

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