mercredi 11 avril 2012

Lex-Icon Blog Project Post 23: Rosaire Appel

Page 104 from "Seesongs"

 “The eyes look, and the eyes read. I propose they can also listen - an act different from both looking and reading. To explore this possibility, I have put together a book of non-linguistic, non-pictorial visual material: Seesongs. The drawings in this book are progressions of visual marks, which I call asemic music. ‘When the eye listens, the mind sings.’”Rosaire Appel

Rosaire Appel is an ex-writer artist in New York involved with visual language via asemic writing and abstract comics. Her graphic work has been published in Moria, Rem, Arthur Magazine, The Bleed, Diagram and Otoliths. Recent digital prints have been included at The International Print Center (NYC 2011-12), The Print Booked (Southern Graphics Conference, New Orleans 2012), and The Value of Water (St John the Divine Cathedral, NYC 2011-12).  Her most recent books are As it WereTaste's Last Scrap, and Seesongs, which will be available in April on Amazon. Some of her visual books are viewable at Printed Matter (NYC). Her website is: Her blog is: 
          Rosaire Appel's work will be the subject of  László Gárdonyi jr's talk on the morning of June 9th at our Lex-ICON conference. His talk is entitled "Addressing the Untranslated - The Medium/Frame/Context of Rosarie Appel’s Untranslated". Click "programme" to see our full conference programme.

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