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Lex-Icon Blog Project Post 33: Steve Dalachinsky

Flag Day
scissor, paper, paste, postcard

“This piece incorporates both image & glyph/word as image. found object (flag) as subject. rendering the readable unreadable through cutting, splicing, overlaying, by using various languages whose meanings are available/accessible to some but not to others (in this case Arabic, English, Spanish and Japanese) a visual grid is produced creating equal value and weight amongst “letters” and (cross-over) language(s). the “words” blurring both foreground and background. what results, in this particular piece, is a socio-political/poetical pictogram.”-- Steve Dalachinsky

Steve Dalachinsky was born in 1946 in Brooklyn, New York after the last big war. He has managed to survive lots of little wars. His work has appeared extensively in journals on and off line including; Ratapallax, Vanitas, Boog City, Upstairs at Duroc, New Mystics, Evergreen Review, Long Shot, Alpha Beat Soup, Xtant, Blue Beat Jacket, Tribes, Asemic Writing, N.Y. Arts Magazine and Lost and Found Times. He is included in such anthologies as the esteemed The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry, Beat Indeed, The Haiku Moment, Up is Up But So is Down: NYU Downtown Literary Anthology and The Unbearables anthologies: Help Yourself, The Worse Book I Ever Read and the Big Book of Sex (of which he is a co-editor). He has written liner notes for the CDs of many artists including Anthony Braxton, Charles Gayle, James "Blood" Ulmer, Rashied Ali, Roy Campbell, Matthew Shipp and Roscoe Mitchell. His 1999 CD, Incomplete Direction (Knitting Factory Records), a collection of his poetry read in collaboration with various musicians, such as William Parker, Matthew Shipp, Daniel Carter, Sabir Mateen, Thurston Moore (SonicYouth), Vernon Reid (Living Colour) has garnered much praise. His most recent C.D. is the 2011 Massive Liquidity with the French duo the Snobs (Bambalam records, Bordeaux). His chapbooks include In Glorious Black and White (Ugly Duckling Press 2005), Christ Amongst the Fishes (A book of collages, Oilcan Press 2009), The Mantis: the collectedpoems for Cecil Taylor 1966-2009 (Iniquity Press 2010, revised 2011), The Invasion of the Animal People (Propaganda Press 2011) and Long Play E.P. (Corrupt Press 2011). His books include A Superintendent's Eyes (Hozomeen Press 2000, to be re-issued in an expanded edtion by Autonomedia/Unbearables late 2012), the PEN Oakland National Book Award winning The Final Nite (complete notes from a Charles Gayle Notebook, Ugly Duckling Presse 2006) and Reaching Into the Unknown (A collaborative project with photographer Jacques Bisceglia, RogueArt – Paris 2009). He has read throughout the N.Y. area, the U.S., Japan and Europe including France and Germany. He is a contributing writer to Brooklyn Rail.

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