dimanche 1 avril 2012

Lex-Icon Blog Project Post 13: Demosthenes Agrafiotis

“Presence, Absence” 
Hommage à Haroldo de Campos,
From the series : “Heavenlies, earthlies”.
Computer design, printing on plastic material, various dimensions, 2004.

““Heavenlies and earthlies” was dedicated to the exploration of the differences and complementarities between the visuality and meaning generation functions of the writing systems. The stars replace the letters in a Greek alphabetical order. (Solo exhibition, Diana Gallery,  Athens, 2004).”-- Demosthenes Agrafiotis

Demosthenes Agrafiotis (b. 1946) is the author of dozens of books in over 5 languages. He is active in the fields of poetry/ painting/ photography/ intermedia/ installations and their interactions, with books of poetry and essays, and exhibitions of photography paintings, drawings and installations, both in Greece and abroad. He has a special interest for the relations between art and new technologies, for multimedia or intermedia projects and also for performances.  His essays are dedicated to analysis of different forms of art as cultural phenomenon. He has participated in different type of artistic activities: publications, small press initiatives and mail - art / alternative - action art projects. For more see: http://www.dagrafiotis.com and http://www.multimania.com/lexicones as well as http://www.thetis.gr/services/clinamen and http://mucri-photographie.univ-paris1.fr  and finally: http://www.matchboox.fr

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