mardi 27 mars 2012

Lex-Icon Blog Project Post 8: George Vance

XMAS  (aesthetically neutral collage(s))

“Supermarket xmas flyer: cut & discard text & product-images: keep non-essential deco-filler : snip fragments: drop randomly onto white A4 sheet: photograph: glueing procedure: contemplation: new text: photocopy, blow up fragment-images: re-snip fragments derived from originals: paste text-lines to backs of new fragments: perform – 4 readers, 1 (different) collagist: text, scrambled sentences, anagrammed words, random word-shouts, fragments passed to collagist: new collage (above image) on pre-printed quadruple A4 scrambled-text backing: photographs: digital tweaking: a collage of a collage of a ...”George Vance

George Vance has been around. Now living in Reims & Viffort, France. Author of  ‘A SHORTCIRCUIT’ (Corrupt Press, 2011) . Has read in numerous Paris venues – Ivy Writers Paris, Live Poets Society, Poets-Live, Wice, for Upstairs at Duroc, and others, such as part of the multi-voiced performance piece Quadriphonics. His work has been published in Upstairs at Duroc, Pharos; on-line at Nth Position, Retort, Ekleksographia (click magazine titles to read selections of Vance's work) and on the blog REWORDS. Can be heard on Poets-Live site at: He continues to work on text/image & text-only projects. His video ‘Heights of Experience’ was shown in Brussels as part of Artcetera 2006.
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  1. Monks singing Xmas tunes while their loins burn with memories of past conquests....the vestal virgin's shame.


    1. Sorry just got this - like much your interpretation - amen