vendredi 30 mars 2012

Lex-Icon Blog Project Post 11: Andrew Topel


the sound becomes seen”--Andrew Topel

Andrew Topel is the editor & publisher of avantacular press, specializing in books of visual poetry.  To see the on-line catalog, go to Topel also hosts and edits RENEGADE : an on-line journal of international visual poetry which includes works by some of the artists who will be presenting at Lex-Icon, as well as work by Brian Dettmer ( who will be the subject of Katy Masuga's talk at Lex-Icon this June. 

Andrew Topel est l’éditeur des éditions Avuncular. Pour visionner leur catalogue, voir : Il est rédacteur de la revue sur internet RENEGADE : an on-line journal of international visual poetry où on peut trouver des images de Brian Dettmer ( dont Katy Matsuga va parler en juin au colloque Lex-ICON.

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