mardi 20 mars 2012

Lex-Icon Blog Project Post 1: Nico Vassilakis

"These letters here have been captured in order to convey the pre word segment of a letter’s life. The parts of letters you regard as useless are busy, very busy. They line up ready to take their turn. One after another they sacrifice; they offer fragments of their body. The goal is to acquire shape, the kinds that equate to sound, and they are exhausted in the midst of that endeavor."--Nico Vassilakis
Nico Vassilakis, creator of this image and reflection on it, is a Seattle visual poet from NY who keeps the site Staring Poetics. Vassilakis’s books include Disparate Magnets (2009), staring@poetics (2011) and Text Loses Time as well as the ebook Proctracted Type (Blue Lion Books, 2011). He collaborated with writer Friese Undine on Orange: A Manual (1997) and edited Clear-Cut: Anthology: A Collection of Seattle Writers (1996). Vassilakis has served as coeditor of Sub Rosa Press. In 1994 he founded the ongoing Subtext Reading Series. ). His work also appears in recording, hypertext and video formats, (click HERE to see some on Youtube) such as on The Continental Review—the editor of that review, Nicholas Manning, will be speaking about it at our Lex-Icon conference in June. See Nico Vassilakis’ website for many more exciting images and word works: Staring Poetics:

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