samedi 24 mars 2012

Lex-Icon Blog Project Post 5: Michael Jacobson

“Mynd Eraser is a work-in-progress blog novel which uses asemic writing in a kinetic way. The idea for creating a text with moving asemic writing occured to me over 10 years ago. I began by creating small moving sculptures that incorporated moving text. The Paranoia Machine, the peripheral vision helmet poem I wear on the internet, being one of my earliest successful experiments. With gaining access to a computer and a blog, I began to put all of my ideas about asemic writing and kinetics together. Mynd Eraser is the product of all of my ideas assembled. It's a book I have no intention of completing, but will continue to exaggerate and improve it as I see fit.”-- Michael Jacobson

Michael Jacobson is a writer and artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. His books include The Giant's Fence, Action Figures, The Paranoia Machine, and his work-in-progress asemic kinetic blog novel Mynd Eraser. Besides writing books, he curates a gallery for asemic writing called The NewPost-Literate. He is also on the editorial board of In his spare time, he is working on designing a planet called "THAT".

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