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Lex-Icon Blog Project Post 51: Sarah Kelly

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A page from ´Cables / To the telescopes´ a work in progress artists book using transfer and collagraph set in handmade paper - placing words into the paper in this way, rather than inscribing them on the surface has allowed me to touch further upon my interest in the materiality and physicality of a language and its movement into, within and through our bodies - working with words of an embodied language within a community of communications where poetics is a space, or another skin, for play and breadth of expression - the cotton pulp makes a film over corners of letters, enfolding them into the fabric which is spacious malleable tissue at first, later to set them into what they have said, a fixed form of floating - the body of the text and the text itself dry out and bind together as one.”-- Sarah Kelly

Sarah Kelly is a British poet currently living in Buenos Aires. Her first chapbook ´locklines´was published by The Knives Forks and SpoonsPress (2010), and further work has appeared in the Ganzfeld Press anthology ´Better than Language´(2011) among various other online and printed magazines and journals. Excerpts from a series of essays detailing her relation to a body of words, ´Write I write short lines´and ´Why my lines go down´, can be found in Rattle: A journal at the convergence of Art and Writing. She´s been wondering about making a website, but until then she can be contacted at

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