jeudi 3 mai 2012

Lex-Icon Blog Project Post 45 : Deborah Poe


“I toy with bookmaking, mixed media objects, and film because of the different dimensions pieces may take. Pointing to, challenging, undermining, and complicating meaning through bookmaking, mixed media objects, and film compels me. I want to shake up the inherent binary nature of language. Visual manifestations of work on the page allow me to, in the Derridian sense, play. For when the clairvoyant pauses, Lori Anderson Moseman sent me a collection of her poems entitled UTMOST brevity. In those poems were various actions of a clairvoyant, such as “when the clairvoyant pauses.” I wrote a poem that referenced the phrase, as well as a short fiction piece “City of Clairvoyance. Then I conjured this visual séance. The two pieces embodying the gloves were published in Fact-Simile Magazine. Pamela Paulsrud’s Touchstones, also in this photograph, were part of the annual Handmade/Homemade Exhibit (2012).”--  Deborah Poe

Deborah Poe is author of the poetry collections Elements (Stockport Flats Press 2010), Our Parenthetical Ontology (CustomWords 2008), and “the last will be stone, too,” as well as a novella in verse, “Hélène” (Furniture Press 2012). She has several chapbooks, including a four-part-edition as part of the Dusie Kollektiv (5). Her poetry is forthcoming or has recently appeared in 1913, Shampoo, Denver Quarterly, The Dictionary Project, Mantis and Bone Bouquet. Her visual work—including video and handmade book objects—will appear or has appeared in University of Arizona Poetry Center’s Poetry Off the Page (Tucson 2012), the Handmade/Homemade Sister Exhibit at Brodsky Gallery (Philadelphia 2012), and ONN/OF “a light festival” (Seattle 2012). Online exhibits of her visual and text work include Yew Journal, PEEP/SHOW, Elective Affinities, and Trickhouse.

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