lundi 7 mai 2012

Lex-Icon Blog Project 49 : Donna Marie de Creeft

Gourd book with Asemic Writing

“As a child, before I learned to read, I used to leaf through an obsolete dictionary for hours..Each section was marked by  shiny black tabs with gold letters, the pages were tissue thin, and embedded within the  incomprehensible text were exquisite engravings. It was like entering a cabinet of wonders. All the books I make are inspired by that early sense-memory. The gourd books, in particular, serve as mnemonic devices sparked by a myriad of ideas and visuals that reference the chaotic order of nature. They are  loosely based on the accordion-fold design, with text in the form of  asemic or illiterate writing. Using a palette and iconography that reflect the natural world, I use basic technology and a “pre-literate” working process. The goal is to cross and re-cross the boundaries between cultures, art and craft, ideas and experience, physical and metaphysical concepts.”-- Donna Maria de Creeft

Donna Maria de Creeft is a native New Yorker. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally. Some of her venues include Central Booking, and Proteus Gowanus in Brooklyn, NY, Jersey City University, Moravian College, West Virginia Wesleyan College and PS 1 Museum. Ms. de Creeft’s work  is in the permanent collections of the University of Southern Maine, Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital, The Center for Book Arts, and the library collections of the Brooklyn Museum, Bryn Mawr College and Rutgers University.   Website:, Facebook: 

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