vendredi 4 mai 2012

Lex-Icon Blog Project Post 46 : Amanda Earl

Decortication: swirl

“I fall in love with words because of their sound. Often my understanding of their meaning is based solely on sound&  completely wrong. In this case, the sound of the word "decortication," which means uncovering the surface, suggested unravelling from a tight coil to me.”—Amanda Earl

Amanda Earl's visual poetry will be in the Last Vispo Anthology to be published by Fantagraphics Books in November 2012. Her vispo has also appeared in's visual poetry issue in 2009, the Bleed 1.0, the new post literate gallery of asemic writing, Tip of the Knife. Her visual poetry chapbook "a field guide to fanciful bugs" was published online by avantacular press in 2010. She has published a chapbook as part of Dan Waber's "this is visual poetry" series. Her vispo blog is & site is . Follow Amanda on Twitter @KikiFolle.

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