samedi 19 mai 2012

Lex-Icon Blog Project Post 65: Spencer Selby

“As a poet and artist, I have always been interested in margins, gaps, the interstices between all manner of categories, definitions, theories, systems and explanations. This piece, titled Swiz Evlak, hovers in the gap between abstract and expressionist art, between visual poetry that signifies and asemic art that is unreadable. The piece presents a transfigured Swiss mountain scene. In the center is an asemic title phrase announcing the palpbable, irreducible, enigmatic meaning of the work.” —Spencer  Selby

Spencer Selby is the author of eight poetry books, five compilations of visual work and a study of film noir. His art has appeared in group shows and he was co-editor of the visual poetry magazine Score. Art Website: www.selbyslist/  Creative Blog:

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