jeudi 17 mai 2012

Lex-Icon Blog Project Post 62: Marilyn R. Rosenberg


« Days is a bookwork with Visual and Asemic poetry as image, with drawings like language completed in 2011.  Counting the days I have been alive, posted daily or weekly from my birthday October 11, 2009 up to and including Oct 11, 2011, is the content of this sculptural bookwork/artists' book with a handmade box book jacket, finished at the end of that count. Watercolor paper pages are full and covered with  semi - transparent vellum paper, recto and verso. Each day’s alive number is written, noted, lists of them, in colored ink with mood images and coded thoughts in gouache, string and ribbon, beads, and color paper collage. » —Marilyn R. Rosenberg
Visual artist from NYC, USA, Marilyn R. Rosenberg's latest editions include NOISE, a visual poetry/drawings artists' book, March 2012, published by Redfoxpress, Ireland. The Book of Soles (Souls), in collaboration with C. Mehrl Bennett, February 1, 2011,  published by Luna Bisonte Prods, Columbus OH  -- this is visual poetry, March 25, 2010, a chapbook published by Naissance the publisher of the this is visual poetry series, under the name of chapbook publisher, Kingston, PA, -- RED, published by Otoliths, Australia, 2008, -- etceteras, a visual poetry artists’ book, Feb., 2010, published by Luna Bisonte Prods, Columbus OH.  See more works at and

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