mercredi 16 mai 2012

Lex-Icon Blog Project Post 59: Mathias Jansson

(in English: Clouds
en français: Nuages).

“This is a page from my meta-poetic book "Moln" (in English Clouds). In 1922 the Swedish poet Karin Boye debut with her poem book "Moln". The first poem in the book was named "Moln". In my meta-version I have made new clouds of her poems, today is tag clouds a common way on homepages and blog to show the visitor the most frequent ant important used words. “—Mathias Jansson

Mathias Jansson (b.1972) is s Swedish art critic and poet, interested in meta-fiction an contextualization. He have in different examples used webb 2.0 techniques to upgrade old poetry into internet standard. Homepage:

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