dimanche 13 mai 2012

Lex-Icon Blog Project Post 56 : Lily Robert-Foley

Frozen Assets  
This snowflake is one from a series of 35 or so snowflakes called “Frozen Assets.”  They were cut from a French bank loan agreement.  In this way they intend to set the unique individuality of the snowflake’s crystalline structure against the BNP’s brutal reification of its customers.  It is also an attempt to re-present money as paper.  Also, fuck the bank.  Fuck usury.  Also, scissors are fantastic. The hopeful future of this project is to mistranslate the remaining fragments of the French left in-between the cut out negative space that inversely composes the snowflake, into my “counting language” (the language I count in), English.”-- Lily Robert-Foley  
Lily Robert-Foley lives in Paris France where she teaches English precariously and writes a thesis slowly.   She is the author of two forthcoming books, m (from Corrupt Press), a book of poetry-collage-critique comparing Samuel Beckett’s French/English translations of his own work, and graphemachines  (from Atelier de l’agneau), a series of radical translation devices.  

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